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We specialize in bra fitting and prostheses for women dealing with breast cancer. We carry a vast array of bra sizes and will, with your help, find the right bra and prosthesis for you. We understand the importance of proper sizing and recognize the specific challenges that women have when dealing with the effects of breast cancer.

We carry a silicone breast form that mimics the natural breast in its shape and weight. We also provide assistance for pre-surgery and post-surgery needs. We carry a camisole that is made especially to be worn home from the hospital and for the first six weeks of your recovery.

Once you are ready to be fitted in a bra and prosthesis, we will review all of the options available. You may find you feel more comfortable in a mastectomy bra, or you may want a standard bra, which can have a pocket sewn into it at no expense to you.

You are our first priority. We are committed to helping you find something that fits your needs.

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